Convergence: The Future of Health

Principle Investigator: Phillip A. Sharp

Phillip Sharp, MIT Institute Professor and Nobel laureate, and Susan Hockfield, MIT president emerita are producing a report documenting the importance of the “convergence research model” in addressing the next breakthroughs in health. Convergence refers to the integration of the life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, and information technology to solve human health challenges, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. The IPL is assisting Professor Sharp and his collaborators in producing a report on how to best exploit convergence and support research based on that model; it will also assist the team in outreach to Congressional staff and to the public to raise the profile of policy recommendations in the report.

IPL Support:

  • Logistical support for workshops
  • Editing of report materials
  • Outreach to Congressional members
  • The development and management of a social media campaign