Working With IPL

Step 1: Contact IPL
Interested faculty members contact IPL to identify possible policy implications of their scholarly research. Faculty members can be from any Department or Program at the Institute, and proposed engagements can be launched at any time of year.

Step 2: Develop an Impact Plan
Interest faculty members meet with appropriate Core and Affiliated Faculty and Staff at the IPL to outline an impact plan for translating the faculty member’s research into policy. Typically there will be 3 meetings of 1-2 hours each, though the amount of time varies significantly across engagements.

Step 3: Fund the Impact Plan
Funding is available for additional resources (e.g., travel, research assistance, editorial support, faculty time, venue cost for conferences involving faculty and government officials, and publicity) needed to implement the impact plans. Each individual grant is capped at $10,000, but there is no single formula for support and no pre-set limit on the number of projects the IPL can support for a given faculty member.

Step 4: Implement the Impact Plan
The IPL arranges a series of events and meetings for the participating faculty member, normally in Washington, D.C. Typical events include: individual meetings with policymakers, presentations at think tanks, congressional testimony, conversations with Congressional staff, speeches at significant public events, interviews, podcasts, etc.

Step 5: Review the Impact Plan
Participating faculty members and the IPL meet once to review the engagement and determine if any additional collaboration is desirable.  IPL staff continues to monitor policy impacts from the engagement and inform the faculty member. Participating faculty members are invited to share their experiences with future proposers and, if they wish, assist in reviewing their proposals.