Increasing the impact of MIT research on public policy

Our Mission

The mission of the MIT Policy Lab at the Center for International Studies is to develop and enhance connections between MIT research and public policy in order to best serve the nation and the world.

The Policy Lab accomplishes this mission by:

Proactively identifying policy-relevant research at MIT
Providing education and guidance to prepare researchers for effective policy engagement
Collaborating with researchers to create and implement policy engagement strategies
Reactively mobilizing research and expertise for timely needs of policymakers

Discover Past Projects

The MIT Policy Lab supports all research disciplines, from Computer Science to Linguistics, and engages at all levels of public policy, from City Councils to the United Nations. Explore some of our previous Policy Impact Projects, including projects from each School and College at MIT.

Featured Projects

Exploring the depth of our oceans with lasers

Professor Tom Peacock explores the depths of our oceans and studies the environmental impacts of deep seabed mining. By working with the Policy Lab, Professor Peacock is sharing his research and technical expertise with the International Seabed Authority, as well as the US National Security Council and US National Economic Council.

Professors Michel DeGraff and Haynes Miller use their language and education research to dismantle linguistic apartheid in Haiti. Working with the Policy Lab, DeGraff and Miller are engaging directly with policymakers in Port-au-Prince as well as convening other scholars and policy experts in Cambridge to develop and analyze education policy options.

Haitian students viewing content on laptop screen
Satellite Imagery

Researchers Jarrod Goentzel and Lauren Finegan leverage their studies of supply chain management to provide policy guidance and recommendations that facilitate and restore the movement of goods and services after disasters. Working with the Policy Lab, Goenztel and Finegan have briefed senior officials in FEMA, Members of Congress, and the private sector on the challenges to restoring supply chains and the opportunities to provide greater relief for disaster survivors.

Tools for Academic Engagement in Public Policy
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