Public Policy Ecosystem Maps

These maps were created in the 2018 academic year by MIT undergraduates. They may not be up to date or entirely complete. Therefore, they are only to be taken as illustrative examples of what a policy ecosystem map may look like. The first page includes a key to understand the symbols used, and tells you how to move through the map. If you use the arrows at the bottom of the map, you can click through to the next page, and from there click on the organizations you want to learn more about. Below you will find maps for these topics:

Nuclear Energy Policy (created by Ashwin Datta)

Autonomous Vehicle Policy (created by Ravi Raghavan)

Aviation Policy (created by Liam Miller)

Cybersecurity Policy (created by Henry D. Rome)

Renewable Energy Policy (created by Cindy Si)

Water Security Policy (created by Saffron Deasey)

Electricity Grid Policy (created by Elley Goldberg)