2018 Projects

Big Data & Privacy

Causes of Apparent Algorithmic Bias
Data for Improved Governance (DIG): A Decision Support System for Improving Response to Waterborne Diseases in India
How Public Should the Public Data Be? Creating a Framework for Indian Smart Cities
Surveillance Pressure Points: Interfacing with Digital Privacy Policy Advocates

City Planning

Policy Implications for Designing New Civic Infrastructures
Workshop to Develop Resource Center for Inclusive Urban Infrastructure Mapping
Outreach to Boston/Cambridge
Policy Voices on Civic Design
Urban Agenda for Autonomous Vehicle Deployment
Creating Bridges Between Street Vendors and Policy Makers for More Relevant Policy

Economics and Labor

The Workforce Education Project
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chief Economists Policy Workshop
Policy Options Addressing Employment, Purchasing Power, and Income Inequality in the EU and US
Telemedicine Parity Act and other Telemedicine and Health Informatics Laws in Various States and Countries, including Massachusetts and the US
Governing of Intersate Telemedicine and Allied Healthcare Concepts by Federal Laws and Guidelines along Lines of Recenet Decision by US Department of Veterans Affairs

Energy & Environment

Informing Policymakers and Regulators About Improved Design of Low-Carbon Electricity Markets (Phase II)
Towards a Resolution of the Nile Water Conflict
Short Course on Energy and Climate Change
Improving International Climate Policy: Lessons from Japan's Joint Crediting Mechanism
Clean Air Effects of Renewable Energy Policies
The Future of Nuclear Energy
Political and Regulatory Pathways to Distributing Electricity Infrastructure
The Climate Plan Accelerator
Effectiveness Evaluation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury
Developing a Financial Payment Regime for the International Seabed Authority
Environmental Impacts and Financial Modeling of Seabed Mining


Food Safety: Risk Assessment for Policy
Public Health: Policy for Mitigation of Transmission
New Models for Infectious Disease
Food Safety and Agricultural Disease Management

International Security & Development

Influencing International Development Policy and Programming to Build Local Innovation Capacity for Sustainable Development
Security Policy Seminars
Workshops on Nuclear Safety and Security in Armenia

Science Policy

Communications Assistance
Policy Implications of MIT's Large International Engagements
The Mars Generation: Leading NASA in STEAMD and Innovation in the Obama Administration